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        Effective teamwork is key to the succees of a business. Teamwork helps tasks get completed quickly and efficiently(高效地)However poor teamwork can hinder a business’ success and make operations much more difficult. Four parts of teamwork can make effective and lead to business success.

        Effective Communication(溝通)

        Without effective communication a team will be weak. When a team has open and honestcommunication. a lot more will he achieved,Communication makes sure that everyone listens to one another's ideas and will help them express their thoughts and feelings.Good communication also helps put together a clear plan of action.

        Different Skills

        The way the team is made up of plays a major role in how well the group works as a team. It is

        necessary that people with different skills be paired together so that they can make use of one another's knowledge and skills. For example,in a team,there should be a few people who are good at planning, one or two key leaders and several experts in various subjects.

        Strong Leadership

        Leadership is important in a team. A leader is needed to settle disagreements, set goals and keep

        the team on track. A good leader can lead without being bossy,achieve goals by encouraging the team and stepping in when necessary, and make suggestions for improvements.


        A team without passion will get nowhere. If any member of the team does not have the passion to get the job done and do it well, he or she will become less and less interested in the duties and bring the rest of the team down.

        36.Efficient teamwork can help a business to

        A.complete tasks quickly; B. make operations difficult

        C. improve communication gradually; D.achieve leadership faster

        37.The word "hinder" in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

        A.lead to; B.help with; C.change with; D.hold back

        38.Which of the following would help make a clear plan of action?

        A. Effective communication; B.A good leader without being bossy.

        C. A team with passion; D.People with different skills paired together.

        39. What is a must for every member of the team?

        A.Leadership; B.Different skills; C. Various knowledge; D. Passion


        Most 11-year-olds are just happy to have finished their year of middle school. However, Tom is not like most kid He did not go to elementary(小學),middle or high school but went straight to college at the young age of eight.

        While Tom's parents knew he was smart,they had never imagined putting him in college this young. However. when they tried to send him to a private(私立的)school at the age of six, he was turned down .because he was so smart that the school was afraid he would feel dull.

        It turns out the school was right.After homeschooling the young boy for two years,the parents realized that he was ready for some high-level courses. They came to East Los Angeles College , who agreed to take him in However, until he proved himself ,he could take only two courses—math and music.

        Tom did not disappoint He got A’s in both and hasn’t looked hack since,Last week, he graduated as a top student.In fact the young boy was so smart that he helped his fellow math students,some of whom were 10 years older than him.

        While the world may cheer him as a genius(天才),his parents think he is just a normal boy who

        plays football and watches movies for children.

        40. How is om different from most kids of his age?

        A. He was taken in by a college at 8.

        B. He was sent to high school at 8.

        C. He went to middle school at 11.

        D. He graduated from high school at 11.

        41. The phrase "turned down" in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to

        A. accepted; B.respected; C.refused; D.examined

        42. What did the parents do to Tom for two years before he went to college?

        A.They sent him to a school in Los Angeles.

        B. They let him attend music programs.

        C.They hired a math teacher for him.

        D. They taught him at home.




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